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What Do You Know About Your Customer’s Customer?

April 10, 2015

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How much do you know about your customer? Most salespeople are quick to say they know a lot but when challenged they really know very little.

Let’s go a step further and ask, “How much do you know about your customer’s customer?”

This is where the information gets really sketchy.

Whenever I’m working with salespeople, I love asking this question, and the answers I hear blow me away.

They blow me away because of how made up the answers are. The salesperson is quick to throw out some information, yet when pushed to explain more, they quickly begin to recant what they just said.

Our failure to know as much about our customer’s customer as we know about our customer is an indictment on our ability to sell.

We can argue all we want that our customer is the customer, but in fact our customer is not our customer but really our customer’s customer.  This applies regardless if we’re selling B2B or B2C — everyone we sell to has another customer they are having to take care of.

What factual insights do you know about your customer’s customer?



We need to be challenging ourselves to uncover the same information we’re expected to know about our customer.

If we can be as knoweledgeable about our customer’s customer as we are about our customer, think about how much more successful you would be?

Think about how much better questions you would be asking your customers? Think about how much valuable you would be to your customer if they knew you were as dialed in on their customers as they are?

Understanding our customer’s customer is an untapped source for salespeople.

In the race to stand out from the competition or the internet, just think how much more confident you would be if you exponentially increased your knowledge of your customer’s customer?

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