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There’s no ADT for Website Intrusion

July 12, 2015
There’s no ADT for Website Intrusion

Oh Heck No. That was my first response when I logged into my Google application looking to “Plus One” to a few things and felt totally violated when my web cam became active from installing Google Hangout. Beyond the infrared light shining in my face I jumped up to check a mirror because, first impressions are everything to me. Install yours https://plus.google.com/hangouts here. After the initial shock I decided to see what the new script was all about. Because I use to develop websites from scratch I call them scripts, you may call them programs. Tomato To-matoe. The application is totally invasive with the one click ability to accidentally invite someone in your circle of friends to get on web cam with you. (I accidentally invited four people)

There are some great features if you’re ready to take your social status and “Get Connected” face to face to people you may or may not know. You can chat and video and call – Goodbye Messenger, Groove and Skype – and instantly screen share. Although I didn’t find a way to host a presentation it still seems like a less professional, yet productive way to communicate.

Google Hangout

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In the effects section you can add clip art to your face that is shown in the web cam. I clicked on a picture of a crown and low and behold I was Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (if you never watched “Friends” or loved Phoebe you won’t understand). Then I thought why not have more fun so I added a Bozo the Clown head piece and now it was a party.

On the serious side you can share your files from your Google Docs account, share YouTube videos and even install apps from Google Play.

After indulging in 15 minutes in the Hangout, it was time to log off and find a better use of my time especially since one of my Cyber Friends that I “accidentally invited” had just accepted my online request and was preparing their screen to video chat with me.

In closing it is not time to discontinue your service with Cisco, Fuze or Citrix. It’s not time to eliminate ClearSlide or stop paying for calls on Skype, however, if you’re like me and want to have a piece of everyone’s pie – it won’t hurt to upgrade your Google Account. Presentations are meant for family, friends and even out of state colleagues if your sales budget is scarce – but do not think this is a well equipped program to host valuable meetings unless your clients ROI is the cost of your Google script valued at FREE.


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