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The #1 Reason Why Salespeople Fail

April 3, 2015

“The #1 Reason Why Salespeople Fail”

I recently had an experience, one of several like it, that
really hits home as to why more salespeople aren’t successful
and why the economy in general has been sluggish to recover from

A partner and I recently started another business unrelated to
my work as a sales trainer and author. Just like every other
single experience I’ve had with starting a business, this one
has been slowed down by people in various organizations who seem
to go through life absolutely refusing to do anything at all.

First of all, since this is a retail business that will need to
take cards, we chose a merchant bank to provide that account.
This happens to be an extremely competitive field, one that is
very difficult for most salespeople, and as a result you’d think
that calling one of them and saying “I’d like to open an account
with you” would result in immediate action. But not so.

The Curse of Inaction – and The Results

It’s been the standard routine of unreturned phone calls, people
making excuses as to why it hasn’t been done yet, and lots of
finger-pointing whenever we confront anyone about why nothing
has been set up yet.

Then we talked with our supplier about some things we need done
in regard to the product supply chain that would effectively
allow us to triple sales. Again, there were lots of lazy excuses
such as, “Well, you’d need to speak with so-and-so and he’s on
vacation and I really don’t know so maybe next week if you want
to call again….” The irony here is that the supplier will
prosper much more than we will as a result of these changes, and
yet trying to get them off their butts to do anything is like
pulling teeth.

And on and on and on. It never ends. Seeing how most businesses
operate this way is, to me, the number one reason for the
sluggish economic conditions we’re in today. It’s not high taxes
or our politicians or the labor unions or anything else. It’s
sheer laziness on the part of 90% of the business world.

All of this nonsense got me thinking about the problems
salespeople face, and how most of the time, all the help in the
world is worthless simply because they don’t use any of it.

A Valuable Opportunity: Wasted and Lost!

Consider the free sales plan review that you get with the Never
Cold Call Again® System. Here is a consulting service that would
easily cost hundreds of dollars, and I include it with a program
costing a mere $97. I thought we’d be overwhelmed with these
reviews – in fact I was almost afraid to offer them at first!

I checked the last 1,000 orders to find out how many people
actually sent in the review.

There were only 4. Just 4 out of 1,000. That’s 0.4%, folks.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed.

Next, I decided to pull up a tracking link I added to the
e-book. It’s the link to the email marketing company I
recommend. I figured at least a few hundred people would have
clicked on it or entered it into their browser, and that at
least several dozen people would have signed up for the service
and begun using it to easily generate lots of pre-qualified

So far, a whopping 7 people out of the last 1,000 copies sold
have used that link.

Only a few have signed up for the service, a service that could
drastically improve their sales numbers without much work on
their part. In fact, most of our orders don’t come from
first-time visitors to our site. The majority come from people
who have been newsletter subscribers for at least a month.

Another example: When it comes to the Never Cold Call Again
system itself, almost no one returns it under the 30-day trial,
but those who do almost always return it unopened, still in the
original shrink wrap!

That means they never even tried the system – they gave up
without even trying! Without even opening the box!

The bottom line here is that if you don’t take action in your
life, the best advice in the world cannot help you.

Every now and then, in between all the glowing testimonials and
success stories we receive, there is a call or email from
someone who claims to have tried the program and not gotten any
real results from it. A short conversation always reveals that
they tried only one of the dozens of techniques explained in the
program, and maybe for only a week or two at that, before giving

There is a reason I discuss the topic of a “system of systems”
from time to time and explain, in detail in the course, how to
do it. That’s what it takes. But above all, you must take action
to build those systems before you can reap any rewards.

Anyone who is going to go through a sales training course,
regardless of whether it’s mine or someone else’s, and says
“that’s nice” and then goes back to their usual routine without
putting any of it into action is facing a long, difficult career
consisting of day after day of cold calling with dismal results
and endless pressure from managers to improve performance.

Not to mention all the funnel reviews, warnings, “performance
improvement plans,” and other forms of hell that managers will
put you through.

The bottom line is that if you’re going to seek advice but do
nothing with the advice and go back to your old routine, neither
myself nor my system can help you. However, if you’re the kind
of person who puts good advice into action, then do this right
now: follow the link below and order the Never Cold Call Again
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Thanks once again for your time and thank you for reading. Good
luck and happy selling!

To your success!

Frank Rumbauskas

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