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One Strategy To Keep Building Pipeline This Summer [Video]

June 3, 2015

Best Time For Sales Training

If you’re like many sales leaders, you probably think that the best time to enroll your team in a sales training program is at the beginning of the calendar year. After all, many organizations’ sales kickoffs happen at the beginning of the year. This makes January, February, and March the most popular time of the year for sales training. But did you know that the summer is also an amazing time for sales training? In fact, it’s the second most popular time of the year, and many sales leaders are getting on board and enrolling their teams in summer sales training programs. Here’s why:

Summer is less busy for sales professionals

During the summer, sales pros have more downtime. This means they have fewer sales calls, proposals, and customer meetings. Although your sales team will have rolling vacation time, you’ll still have more of their attention during the summer to engage in learning because they are less busy.

Summer sales training will help your sales team ramp up for Q4

The last quarter of the year is one of the most important for organizations, and you want to close the year out successfully. Summer sales training will empower sales professionals and give them a better understanding of products and sales performance ideas, so come Labour Day, they’ll be ready to hit the ground running. They’ll be armed with new information that they can bring to customers, engage in great conversations, and have a successful fourth quarter.

Bottom line

Make the most out of your downtime this summer and use this opportunity as a launchpad into Q4. Considering that sales activity slows down, set yourself up for success by taking the right steps to prepare for the busy season. Find the right training program and support to ultimately impact your pipeline and revenue for the months to come.

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One Strategy To Keep Building Pipeline This Summer [Video]