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Manevil Lewis

September 1, 2016

About Manevil

It was on a hot summer day with a poster board leaning on a metal fence in front of her home with 25 art designs perfectly position around prices of $7-$25, when Manevil began her life career in sales. From sun up to sun down, she would sit in the yard and wait for customers to open the gate to make a purchase. While many of her friends were forced to stay indoors or endure summer camp, Manevil made money. Focused. Determined. Winning.

Manevil Lewis is founder of Ultimate Sales Guide, a sales development and management company, and entrepreneur of several fashion and financial Literacy brands. Manevil’s vision for U.S.G comes with more than 15-years of solid experience in the industries of Sales, Marketing and Advertising to both consumers and businesses. Manevil’s selling acumen ranges from Retail, Hotel Management, Publishing, and Digital Advertising.

Manevil believes selling is found in everything that we all do. “We sell in our business and personal relationships, for employment, to encourage our children to strive for greatness in education, as well as, sell ourselves the belief that we are extraordinary in our abilities”.

After spending years coaching entry-level sales reps and small businesses into the idea of welcoming tried and true best practices to their arsenal of tricks, Ultimate Sales Guide was developed. Manevil is passionate about empowering executives with the tools to do more with less while focusing on improving the one call, two call and seventh call close – closing in when others have moved on. Some people are born with the gift of gab and others have to learn multiple approaches that can speak well to multiple audiences. Manevil’s training, ebooks, and speaking engagements center around beginning reps, career changers, small business leaders, veteran account executives needing inspiration, and firms that have not invested in an in-house coaching staff. Manevil empowers individuals and teams to take risks, explore off-grid techniques…selling with their eyes closed.


For Executives: As a Leadership trainer, the goal is to move individuals beyond the old school principles of selling and train focused on the Amygdala – following the key principle, the brains “wiring” insistently relies on emotion over intellect when making decisions so together we can explore, learn and grow.


For Managers: No matter if you stayed at 190% of your quota when you were a top rep, today the sales experience is no longer about YOU. Your team cannot grow if you are not invested in them. Your main responsibility is to continue growing, innovating, and sharing your knowledge – leading to quick closes, deeper relationships, and higher sales!


Real Life Scenario:

Once I sat down with a company and as lead a passionate conversation around the importance of training, coaching, and offering incentives for continued sales learning efforts, I was shot down. The manager sitting across from me said with full contentment “We don’t train sales reps here. Either they have it or they don’t so our turnaround is always high”.

Clearly I was perturb, but I had no choice but to respect his stance on the matter. As we as managers internalize things differently, what I heard was that the company did not have the budget to invest in its people and they looked at sales with only a short-term outlook.

What are your thoughts? Email me at Manevil@UltimateSalesGuide.com to discuss.






Manevil is a member of several professional organizations that specialize in sales, business and personal development. Manevil is an avid learner currently pursuing a BS Business Management (2015); successor of MS Business Administration (2017) from Western Governor’s University.



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