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Do you need the Ultimate Sales Guide

August 30, 2016

When the concept came about to create a one stop shop for Sales Education without the ambiguity of the condescending sales professional I had to research the current offerings. I am a subscriber to some of the best and unknown places online for Sales Tips and Tricks on the web and for the most part, I have benefitted. Although at least four times per day some guru sends a message screaming “You’re doing it wrong”, “Why your selling is failing” or “Why your sales methods will never work”, when I dig deep enough I can understand the value they are attempting to sell. My approach leans more on saying What Now, Call When, Call Where, Why Not, Who Signs, and How Many”…effectively.

When working with new organizations you must be adaptable to their way of “Closing Sales”, yet if they value your work they must allow you to contribute your learned success points. If your ideas are not respected, we both know you will be unhappy, the team will be unhappy, and eventually you will move on to a new and exciting opportunity. More than 60% of selling organizations, even if they make plan, are selling using outdated methodologies, yet post words like “Innovative” or “Change Seekers” on the office walls.

As a Leadership trainer, my goal is to move individuals beyond the old school principles of selling and train focused on the Amygdala – following the key principle, the brains “wiring” insistently relies on emotion over intellect when making decisions so together we can explore, learn and grow and this changes frequently. The best time to call in 2011, may not be the best time to call in 2015, so we must be willing to go beyond the bottom line. “It’s not just about getting the sale. It’s about how you started, converted and partnered with whom you sold”. These strategies aid in long-term profitability and success with any size teams.

Remind your customers about their expected ROI for new solutions while reminding your employer about their expected ROI for onboarding you into their company.

By viewing the content on the site you will notice I have compiled a list of some of the most effective Newsletters, Blogs, Articles, and Industry insight by successful thought leaders – boosting your Return on Viewing (ROV). As you have learned from others, I am confident you will begin to share your wins and encourage others to invest in themselves and their sales teams as well. Remember, sales is in everything we do, every road we take – stay on target with the Ultimate Sales Guide.