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How to Bounce Back from a Bad Sales Month

September 3, 2015


“I’m a small business owner with a team of inside sales reps that had a bad sales month. I can tell some of them have lost their confidence and I’m concerned that one bad sales month will turn into more bad sales months. What should I do?”

No one likes missing quota and the last thing anyone wants is for it to continue. When sales reps miss quota, it’s easy for call reluctance to set in because their confidence can be shaken.

To make matters worse, instead of doing what they know, they become cautious with prospects – to the point where they almost seem like they are being customer service reps instead of sales reps.

These two factors alone (call reluctance / lack of confidence) can turn one negative blip in the sales stats into a major problem.

Leadership Starts at the Top

As the leader of an inside sales team, how you handle this situation is critical.

Do you want to make things better or make things worse? Seems like a dumb question however I think we’ve all had a sales manager (or two) whose MOTTO was “The beatings will continue until morale and results improve!” That kind of attitude isn’t going to help anyone.

So here’s a simple process I think you’ll find helpful in getting the ship headed back in the right direction…

1) State the Obvious to Your Team – “Ok team, we fell a little short last month…”

Setting the right tone is key to giving everyone the confidence they need in YOU and that as a team you can all turn this around.

2) Bring the Facts – Sales isn’t rocket science but there is a science to it. Being able to identify key metrics & pin point exactly which areas need improvement will be critical to avoid missed quotas in the future.

Key stats to look for are:

  • Number of dials per day / per rep / for the month.
  • Number of first time calls vs. follow up calls.

REMEMBER: Skills + Output = Results.

If the results aren’t there, you have to look at the output level first.

3) Team Sales Role-Playing – If your sales team isn’t role-playing at least once a week, what are you waiting for? The old adage of “iron sharpens iron” is especially true in sales. Especially selling by phone. One of two things will happen once your sales team starts to role-play:

  1. They will get better!
  2. You will see what areas your sales team needs some extra help in.

Either way, you are taking positive steps forward to ensure you and your inside sales team is headed in the right direction.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is a straight commissioned sales person with 20+ years experience  selling by phone. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – an online sales training company that shows inside sales teams how to eliminate call reluctance and close more sales.
Source: Online Sales Training Now
How to Bounce Back from a Bad Sales Month