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4 Social Selling Lessons Tinder Can Teach You [Infographic]

July 17, 2015

Online Dating and Social Selling

Tinder and Social Selling, a match made in heaven. Who would have thought these two peas in the pod would land in the same sentence?

Interestingly enough, as dating evolved from meeting people in-person to online apps such as Tinder, sales has gone through a similar progression as traditional sales techniques paved the way for Social Selling.


In fact, Social Sellers can learn a few lessons from Tinder. Even though the outcomes are “slightly” different, both using Tinder and Social Selling involve steps like building a personal brand, personalizing your messages, gaining trust, building rapport and ultimately closing deals.  Take a look at the fun visual below by Webquacker to learn more!

Tinder-and-Social-Selling-Infographic1 (1)

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4 Social Selling Lessons Tinder Can Teach You [Infographic]