This Is How I Work [Series]

Yesterday I was challenged to write a blog post on “This is How I Work.” This series, inspired by LifeHacker, was moved into the sales field by Anthony Iannarino, who tagged Charlie Green, who tagged Dave Brock, who tagged Dave Stein and who then tagged me.

Here’s the inside scoop on my work life:

Jill's office

Location: White Bear Lake, MN (suburb of St. Paul)

Current computer: MacBook Air

Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad

What apps/software/tools can’t I live without? My list is boring since I’m not a technogeek.

•  Email is the lifeblood of my business. Without it I don’t know how to work.

• 1Password remembers all my passwords and totally simplifies my life. 

• LinkedIn is a research goldmine. I’m on it daily learning more about people I’m meeting with, identifying connections, initatiating conversations and more. 

NOTE: My Fresh Sales Strategies group was just selected as the Top Sales/Marketing LinkedIn group by

•  AntiSocial keeps me from going online when I’m supposed to be working. It blocks access to any website that I can get lost in. 

•  Words with Friends connects me to my family and friends. Plus, it challenges me daily. 

•  Word. I write. Without it, I don’t. 

What’s my workspace like? 

As a microbusiness, I work out of my home. My office, a converted 3-season porch, has windows on three sides and overlooks a natural wildlife habitat. This morning, three deer were sleeping in our backyard, a fox walked by and some turkeys flew in for a while. 

I typically work at my desk, which has a pile of projects in one corner. My computer is on a credenza, behind my desk. When I’m on the phone, I’m walking around a lot, looking outside!

What’s my best time-saving shortcut/life hack?

Saying no—nicely. I’ve saved more time by politely declining “opportunities” and by simply telling people I’m not available. I’ve also stopped doing work that saps me, enabling me to have more energy for what I’m good at.

What everyday thing am I better at than anyone else?

Learning. Give me a new challenge to learn and I embrace it with relish. And, once I figure something out, I have an incredible urge to share it with others. (It’s why I write, speak, train, coach, do videos!)

What’s your favorite to-do list manager?

None. I hate To Do lists. They take over your life and get you focused on the minor details. I know what projects I’m working on and get them done. 

What do I listen to while I work?

The sounds of silence. I love quiet.

What am I currently reading?

The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry. I love his process for being brilliant at any moment. It’s my goal in life.

Agile Selling, Jill Konrath. It’s my new book, coming out in May. In the past few weeks I’ve been through it multiple times as we’ve been editing. I’ll have one last pass at it in early January. (P.S. I’m pretty sick of it right now!)

What’s my sleep routine like?

I’m usually up till about midnight. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping because I get my best ideas in the evening. I frequently get up to jot down my thoughts so I don’t forget them. I’m usually up at about 7:30 am.

What’s the best advice I’ve ever received?

“Never say never.” Someone I met at a networking meeting years ago, handed me that quote by Robert Schuler instead of a business card. I still have it. When I’m discouraged, it reminds me that I just haven’t figured out how to make things work yet. 

Fill in the Blank:

I’d love to see inside sales expert Trish Bertuzzi, President of The Bridge Group, Inc. answer these questions. Hopefully she’ll take me up on this to keep the ball rolling. 

And … hopefully you enjoyed the inside scoop on how I really work. 

Jill KonrathJill Konrath is an internationally recognized sales strategist. As author of two bestselling books, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies, she’s a frequent speaker at sales meetings and conferences. For more fresh ideas, download her free Prospecting Toolkit.

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